Con la dissoluzione delle forze armate imperiali non ebbe però termine la carriera militare di Minoru Genda, che, al contrario, rientrò in servizio nel 1954 nelle appena costituite Forze Aeree di Auto-Difesa giapponesi; il suo prestigio ancora intatto e le sue capacità gli permisero una nuova folgorante carriera fino al rango di generale e di Capo di Stato Maggiore del nuovo servizio aeronautico militare nipponico. Category:Minoru Genda. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor resulted in the US declaring war on Japan, with 18 American warships sunk or damaged and over 180 American aircraft destroyed. In summer 1940 at the age of 36, Genda was chosen by the Japanese Naval Department to travel abroad as a military attaché to obtain first-hand military accounts of German air offensives and British defensive measures during the Battle of Britain. Genda and Yamamoto were very disappointed that the three U.S. carriers were not at Pearl Harbor (the first time on a Sunday in 1941 that they were not). I won’t claim that Minoru Genda was the sole reason that we never got the Reppu, but the fact that he was somehow connected to the Kawanishi leadership is indisputable.” As far as I know, Saburo Sakai expressed himself far more strongly towards Minoru Genda in a range of interviews. Fine. Recensito in Italia il 28 aprile 2016. Known as "Genda's Flying Circus", the team, consisting of Genda, Yoshita Kobayashi and Motoharu Okamura, using Nakajima A2N Type 90 fighters,[2] was part of a public relations campaign to promote naval aviation. Nelle nuove Forze di Auto-Difesa giapponesi e in politica,, Assi dell'aviazione giapponese della seconda guerra mondiale, Contestualizzare fonti - seconda guerra mondiale, Voci con campo Ref vuoto nel template Infobox militare, Voci biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. He was married and had three children. Posts about Captain Minoru Genda written by belfastchildis. Fu fortemente contrario alla firma da parte del Giappone del Trattato di non proliferazione nucleare. Yamamoto ordered a number of officers to study Pearl Harbor and to draw up an operational plan. Two brothers were graduates of Tokyo University, another brother graduated from Chiba Medical College, and his youngest brother entered the Army Academy. He organized an elite Japanese air unit (the 343rd Kōkūtai) near the war's end as an alternative to the suicidal kamikaze units. He was also the third Chief of Staff of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. General Minoru Genda, who planned the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, died of heart disease in a Tokyo hospital Tuesday on the 44th anniversary of the end of the World War II. We were losing the air war because we had failed to secure air superiority with our fighters. Acquisto verificato. View the profiles of people named Minoru Genda. Minoru Genda is a Japanese famous celebrity, who was born on 16 August, 1904 in Kake, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. by Minoru Genda Tankobon Hardcover. Minoru Genda (源田 実, Genda Minoru, 16 August 1904 – 15 August 1989) was a well-known Japanese military aviator and politician. In particolare osservò le qualità del Messerschmitt Bf 109 e del Supermarine Spitfire, traendone la convinzione della superiorità in agilità e in manovra dei nuovi caccia giapponesi Mitsubishi A6M Zero, che stavano entrando in servizio nelle forze aeree della Marina imperiale. In his scheme, returning aircraft would ditch in the ocean off Oahu and the pilots would be picked up by destroyers and submarines. Yamamoto initially conceived of a one-way attack on Pearl Harbor from 500 to 600 miles (800 to 970 km) away. Read more about this topic: Minoru Genda. Genda was the strategist behind the successful December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. He was also was the 3rd Chief of Staff of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Join Facebook to connect with Minoru Genda and others you may know. What I got is the same answer: "a revealing autobiography", that most sites copy each other.