Rory and ken sound very human and approachable. Then leaving the client the added difficulty of having to re-establish confidence in repeating shared information with a new person. If I could get that done in the first session I think I would have provided this client with the best support I could in an hour. Worth every penny/£. And you can cancel anytime. Super. While it can be important for assessing dynamics such as abuse, it also provides opportunities for disclosures that will significantly shape the work ahead. informative, easy to understand and easy to acssess, CPD along with certificates, I love the live lectures they often relate to a particular area that I’m working on. 🙃😉, how best can one organise a group counseling on the needs of adolescents to parents, teachers and elders, I have been listening to the podcast for several months to older episodes along with new releases in preparation for my. He tells you confidentiality is very important to him and he doesn’t want his parents to know he is in counselling. that blur this distinction for those aged under 18. where we could be seen but not heard? ‘Free’ counselling services exist due to funding from specific agencies, and this arrangement puts very particular accountabilities onto the individual counsellor to other stakeholders other than the client. The webinars are first class! Accessible range of resources to all levels of counselling students. Good focus on CPD. Privacy concerns are complex legal issues that rarely have a simple answer. Very easy to understand. His isolation is a significant factor and it is important to allow Ben to tell and explore his own story, and to give him plenty of feedback. The assurance that [the client's] feelings, thoughts and stories can be entrusted to the counsellor may allow for deeper exploration of areas of experiencing which feel particularly difficult or shameful. Love Rory and Ken they share a wealth of information. A judge or coroner can legally order the release of client notes. enjoying listening to podcasts and lectures daily. If in doubt you can also check with your governing body (e.g. Thank you. He is a minor, caught in that social phenomena called ?adolescence?, where he is neither fully child nor fully adult. just come out of graduate school on the fundamental skills that are needed. Great resource. Thank you so, This site manages to explain the "bones" of counselling concepts in plain English. What are the ethical issues you need to consider? by asking about self harm or ‘checking out’ or other variations may not be interpreted by the client as killing themselves. Here are some considerations before you switch modes from couples therapy to individual or visa versa: Who is the Client? The resources that have been provided are so useful for any student or counselor! For the counsellor, maintaining confidentiality within certain limitations is an ethical responsibility, and it is part of what makes counselling different from other relationships. At the end of the first session I will give Ben a range of supplementary resources (eg Kids Line), fully document the session, and access supervision as soon as possible. Another possible situation in a counselling session which could require that confidentiality be broken is where a disclosure has been made regarding child abuse or incest. Ideal for students from ground level to PhD and beyond. Eighteen ethical dilemmas in three domains were presented to respondents in a questionnaire. As well as the above limitations, some organisations have additional policies around the disclosure of historical sexual abuse, drug and alcohol use or other areas, which will be outlined in their policies and procedures. Managing confidentiality can be tricky when you are combining joint and individual sessions. This will be a big help to me in my studies and practice, Great resources thank you. School counselors need to develop trusting relationships with students, and an understanding of confidentiality in communications and discussions helps built that trust. issue contributing to the dilemma is the question of whether or not their values and assumptions about confidentiality conflict with one another’s and/or with those of the profession. What is my organisation?s policy regarding counseling minors? It's worth a look for anyone wanting to consolidate what they are learning in another program, or simply find out about some of the basic counselling notions in a concise form. Limits to Confidentiality (starts at 11.58 mins) Confidentiality is key to offering a threat-free environment in the counselling room. Rory has over 10 years expereince as a counselling tutor. The other members of the Facebook page also provide very useful information and recommendations for good books to review. Other support persons he has in his life can also be explored, and if he feels there is nobody it would be important to provide him with a 24/7 counselling service that he can call on (e.g. Required fields are marked *. In particular, it suggests that in cases where we need to protect a child, or when legal requirements force us or when there is an immediate danger for the client or other people then we should consider breaking confidentiality. You have helped so many students get a better understanding of. The great content, it's really helpful and relevant to the course I'm on. Great job Rory and Ken 👍🏻, Excellent service thank you guys you must work so hard to help others on counselling training or as qualified, counsellors.thankyou so much for the excellent information and support You must be clear on who you are counseling, the individual or the couple? Thanks guys for all of your support. Great resources information and webinars. I love listening to Ken and Rory they are just brilliant! In group counseling, confidentiality plays a pivotal role. © 2016 Counselling Connection. This site supports the learning of other courses, and fills-in the gaps. A place where counsellors and students can learn in confidence. more complicated content is explained in simple terms. The free service is aimed at community members who cannot afford counselling services otherwise. An amazing resource run by two brilliant counsellors. always something new to learn. The counselor and the group have a special relationship of confidentiality, which should be maintained appropriately. Thanks guys for being my first port of call during an. • Issues relating to confidentiality • Issues relating to professional boundaries • Issues that may challenge our own moral standing To help work through ethical dilemmas, it is important to consider the ethical framework you work with. Thank you. ETHICAL ISSUES Confidentiality: Is considered as the central concept in the client-helper relationship. I was not a big fan of person centered counseling until I really explored myself more and find this to be helpful in my continued education as a counselor. Thanks for this and for being there for us all. Excellent!!! There are instances where breaches of confidentiality must occur and these need to be clearly articulated to, and be understood, by the client before therapy commences. All Rights Reserved, Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, Heather Ford (B.Th., PG Voc Grad Dip Past. I owe most of that honor to the podcast hosts, Rory and Ken, who have engrained a great deal of understanding of counseling theories and practices in my mind. I’ve just started the Introduction in Counselling Skills course and someone mentioned this podcast - I’ve started. I have just started a degree course this year and find this a very helpful resource. It is a great refresher having. If, the relationship is not maintained properly, it will become an ethical dilemma. I wish I had had access to this. very happy to have found this site while. Put simply, non-maleficence is to “do no harm.” Beneficence is to work toward the benefit of others, such as by eliminating harms, preventing them or improving another person’s situation. These reasons include inappropriate sexual behavior, improper treatment, violation of confidentiality, and wrong diagnosis. Thanks for a great service. where he will be experimenting with differentiation. Softening the question (for our own comfort!) I want Ben?s experience in utilizing community resources to be a positive one. Importantly though, it is essential to ensure that the client would want to use another service before you head him on his way and it may be best to help him book appointments whilst he is there. Here is an outline of some of the main limitations of confidentiality in counselling in the UK: It is important that the client fully understand and agree to all of the applicable limitations of confidentiality from the outset of their therapy. The literature addressing ethical issues involved in the disclosure of family secrets in counseling has typically focused on secrets disclosed by adults, ignoring the ethical issues surrounding individual disclosure by minor children and confidentiality within the family counseling context. Counselors will encounter ethical dilemmas throughout their careers that may test their personal moral beliefs. There are several issues here that you may need to explore. Whatever the age group, it is my responsibility to balance Ben?s right to autonomy with my obligation to do him only good, avoid harming him, keeping my promises to him, and to do him justice. The profession of interest chosen for this report is counselling. Thanks to all that make this place AND the CSR possible 👍✨🙂, Fab place for advise, support and everything counselling related.👍😊, I’m taking my level 3 counselling skills and these videos really tie in with what I am learning. 1 The case of Traitors v. This will be the best time and method of learning about the clients thoughts on suicide, without inadvertently communicating any personal thoughts about the topic. From beginners through to a higher level so something for everyone. Exposure of a protected class using identifiable information. A counsellor should not accept a new client that is a close friend or family member of a current client. Confidentiality in Counselling. If a client gives the therapist information regarding money laundering or drug-trafficking offences, the therapist is obliged to pass this information to the police. The client also needs to have a clear understanding of how their personal information is stored and used, in accordance with the new GDPR laws. Basically, ethics in counselling is comprised of two areas: confidentiality and professional ethics. Absolutely invaluable resource when completing Counselling training; wouldn’t be without it! He also says he doesn’t even feel like seeing his friends anymore. Thank You!!" An excellent page ! It is important that Ben understand that counselling is not about my colluding with his secrets, but about my respecting his experiences. Your email address will not be published. In general, the right to privacy in treatment is connected to the right to consent to treatment. Bond (2010) provides guidelines for maintaining confidentiality within settings where multiple professionals have access to a client or their records. There are certain principles about moving between individual and couple or family session… A complicated web of federal and state laws, professional ethics, and statutory interpretations by various courts govern minors’ right to confidentiality in treatment. I’m a level 2. student so am Early on in my journey. Ethical dilemmas are important puzzles with no easy answers but are fun to contemplate. The contract should ideally be written, signed by both parties and discussed carefully to ensure the client fully understands and agrees with the terms. For example, in some states a child can leave home on their own accord without parental consent at the age of 15. He shares his best tips on how to get the most from your counselling studies. Great, lots of info from a trusted and informative source. By Dr. Mary Dowd Updated July 01, 2018. Something for everyone at all stages, a podcast episode per week has become part of my personal and professional routine, Excellent resource alongside classroom teaching and self directed study. This has been one of my most favourite resources to use, really good at getting through writers block. Submit questions, share e perience, create ideas all in one place. Kidshelp line, lifeline, suicide hotline) before he leaves his appointment. Protecting Client Records Store records safely. An excellent resource with amazing teachers. Explaining the reason for this will help him understand the implications of protecting both our rights. Very informative, Rory & Ken have helped me to get through level 4 & 5. Concise tutorials user friendly language good visuals. I have had some questions that have been answered with so much detail , it really has, helped my essay writing and my understanding . I need to be very concrete and realistic in any information I give him, double check we have understood each other at all times, and assist him visualising consequences. Very good podcasts & resources. The free service is aimed at community members who cannot afford counselling services otherwise. Of course, they exist in all forms of counseling, from short … I also would like to thank the members of the Facebook group of the same name as the podcast for posting questions of ethics and resources that are often answered in the podcast as well as in the comments. As an example I once asked a client this question and they replied ‘yes, all the time’ and following on from this they revealed that they had not told anyone else, not even their doctor or psychologist! It would be important to find out about state laws pertaining to this and also the guidelines of your counselling services. Should I come to believe that he is a danger to himself, or to another, or as demanded by a court of law, I am obliged to break confidentiality. Confidentiality “For counselling to be maximally effective, the client must feel secure in the knowledge that what they tell the counsellor is to be treated with a high degree of confidentiality. Depending on the State, the attitude of the Law regarding ?the rights of minors?, varies. Considerations for privacy and confidentiality. focuses on ethical issues in relation to a profession of interest. is just the best. Therapist confidentiality gives the client the assurance they can share whatever they want with you. It takes courage and intention for a 16 year old male to come to counselling. browsing for a relaxing way to study with my cup of tea. When a client seeks consultation with a therapist, it is important that they feel able to trust their counsellor, so they can speak freely and openly about what is troubling them. As a budding counseling student, i find them to be very simple and easy to follow, really helpful to speak with like minded individuals and have a lovely support network to turn to :), The podcasts are invaluable and the questions with comments from experienced and not very experienced fellow students. Professionals who take confidentiality seriously advance the reputation of counselling and provide important role modelling to students and those new to counselling. If you as a counsellor do not feel well equipped to deal with issues at this age group or your organisation does not provide counselling for those under 18 without parental consent, it would be important to consider some good referral options. Couns. Ken and Rory are born for this. If the client says ‘Yes’, then proper response and procedure for that issue would take precedence in this case I would think. Confidentiality in counselling creates a space where the client can explore sensitive subjects in the knowledge that the counsellor will not repeat or misuse the information discussed outside of the counselling room. Donna, Brilliant FB page for all student counsellors by two great men! I received a huge compliment today in class that my analysis and response to a fictional client sounded like that of an experienced counselor. 1800 657 667, Counselling Dilemma: Confidentiality Issues with a Teenager. Sexual and romantic relationships between counsellors and clients are deemed unethical by both APA and ACA standards. As a mental health counselor, you will hear intimate details of clients’ lives that may spark ethical concerns. The next priority as I see it is Policy regarding the age of clients accepted by the program/project. I also find that some of the. This form collects your name and email address so that we can send you your handout, counselling study-related emails and offers. The greatest single source of ethical dilemma in counseling results from questions of confidentiality. Learning on a daily basis from fellow students and qualified counsellors. Always a, regular on my headphones whilst going to work. Nonetheless, there are a number of critical limits of confidentiality in counseling. This was done through sourcing of relevant documents related to the profession. very practical and easy to understand and covers so much useful and relevant information. Counselling Dilemma: Confidentiality Issues with a Teenager You work as a counsellor for an organisation that offers counselling services to the general public. To close myself behind closed doors with Ben is to leave me without a reasonable defence were there to be a complaint from Ben, his parents, or anyone else. Fantastic learning for me. Also there may be some other avenues for your client to use with school counsellors, church or youth groups he is already involved in. Confidentiality and Its Limits. It may be due to his general low depressive feelings he is experiencing that he feels that approaching his parents would be met by a negative response; however this should be explored more for potential emotional and physical abuse before you begin to discuss options of him speaking to his parents about his mental health. Your email address will not be published. His presenting issues of struggling to get out of bed, low self-esteem and not finding joy in his usual activities (such as seeing friends) are potential symptoms with indicating depression. So many helpful resources and helpful people of all levels who are always willing to help you. We might talk about how to go about applying for his own Medicare Card so that if he wanted to access a Doctor, he could do so independently. when I was doing my counselling and psychotherapy training! 1 The legal basis for confidentiality in counselling Legal rights to confidentiality are enforceable by legal orders, for example injunctions or orders awarding damages for breach of contract, and the award of damages or compensation in actions under the law of tort … Really useful. In my opinion it is endlessly helpful. Very helpful factual information. What protection do they offer me, should Ben later claim that some aspect of the counselling was inappropriate? Thank you for offering this counselling resource for students to discuss issues, topics and skills that matter as, it is so comprehensive its all on there and easy to understand thanks to u both. ; PG Voc Grad Dip. Currently studying level 6 & still finding the. It's very informative and up to date. Its a great service by two dedicated and wise counsellors (+hard working) for students as well as teachers of the, Science and Art of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Don't leave without your FREE Counselling Training Book, I consent to having CounsellorTutor collect my name and email, Click here to download your Good Confidentiality Habits for Counsellors handout. There is simply nothing else that compares with it. In his \"Counselor Magazine\" article entitled \"Ethics in Counseling: A Complex Issue,\" David J. Powell, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, identifies four main reasons why clients sue their counselors. Thank you, An enjoyable, informative, and interesting learning resource. A counsellor should evaluate how the second relationship will affect the cou… The assurance that their feelings, thoughts and stories can be entrusted to the counsellor may allow for deeper exploration of areas of experiencing which feel particularly difficult or shameful. Example no. W… Understanding the Specifics of Confidentiality The moral principles of National Counselling … You start counselling a young man who made an appointment with the service when he saw the advertisement in the local community newspaper. Lots of very useful information. Easily accessible. I find the lectures and handouts very useful. They are complex and their resolutions are rarely easy. Other dual relationships may be acceptable. Because a child cannot le… Couns. However, confidentiality is not synonymous with secrecy, and always has its exceptions and limits, which are likely to vary between countries, with their different jurisdictions. However, their inclusion in the counseling process might restrict some information form the minors and as a result breaching confidentiality of the entire process. So address safety for the client, and then clarify eligibility for the service with proper referral if necessary. For example, during an individual session with a therapist, one member of a couple may confess to having had an affair. He wants to address these issues with you in counselling. Very useful to students ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Evidence based resources, extravagantly shared, Joining the CSR has helped me to enrich my learning much more effectively than I could have imagined. A contract should outline all the limits of confidentiality in counselling and additionally should provide clarity about the way client notes are produced and stored, including the length of time they will be kept, and any circumstances in which they would be disclosed. So happy I joined and I am benefitting from the content shared. Excellent coverage of theory. The podcasts are very informative. It would be essential to explore with him whether he has had or is having thoughts of self harm and to ask about his current mental state (e.g. Brilliant website for counselling and psychotherapy content. Thank you for all your great ideas, resources and wealth of knowledge. The concerns of this case intersect personal, professional, and legal standards that James must consider. It is important to register that the main issue here is that your young client is reaching out to gain help. Collated by wise counsellors that are always more than happy to. Brilliant wealth of knowledge and expertise shared. been using counselling tutor for a couple if years or more. 1 Confidentiality Confidentiality is the bedrock of effective psychotherapy, but it becomes a complex issue when two or more people are engaged in therapy. This visit to you may be the only call for help he has instigated thus far so your response will be significant as to how confident he is in his decision to seek help. For the counsellor, maintaining confidentiality within certain limitations is an ethical responsibility, and it is part of what makes counselling different from other … after loads of contemplation I decided to join Facebook. This is a hard thing to ask, however with practice it can become as comfortable as asking other information gathering questions. Confidentiality in the treatment of adolescents. This safety helps to build relational depth and facilitates the work of therapy. I have found this page more than helpful on many occasions. The information was given by awesome people to educate other awesome beings. It's informative, for students or qualified counsellors at any level. Love these guys and the way they simplify the learning. Amazing resource for trainee counsellors or indeed anyone interested in this field 😍, The Mark and Lard (BBC Radio DJs)of the counselling world, absolutely love what they do for us trainees. The client has mentioned thoughts and feelings that suggest depression … it is important to ask Ben if he also thinks about ‘killing himself’. Although the age of 18 is used to differentiate a child from an adult, there are also some significant ?grey areas? Always up to date, very friendly and helpful, massive amount of resources ... just brilliant! Very informative and easy to understand, thank you! They provide excellent advice and guidance for student counsellors. It is very helpful.As a student,and even for professionals.I strongly recommend. This article was written for Counselling Tutor by Erin Stevens. Beneficence and non-maleficence, as pertaining to patient confidentiality, allow clients to develop a trusting relationship with the counselor because they know that their information is kept confidential. To maintain confidentiality, it is the counselor's … Like the new page another good resource, loved the sneak peek at the pod cast. Confidentiality needs to be discussed with clients from the onset of the relationship. There are certain limitations to confidentiality in counselling, and there are circumstances where a counsellor may need to break confidentiality, either because of a legal obligation, or an individual or organisational policy requirement. ), Toll Free Arranging for individual consultations within relational work raises a myriad of difficulties. Ethical issues in counseling generally fall on the therapist. I find listening to the information, This is a very useful tool for students of counselling and psychotherapy and I highly recommend this page and any other. complicated. You work as a counsellor for an organisation that offers counselling services to the general public. Counselling tutor is an absolutely brilliant resource!! So glad I found it, Fantastic and helpful made my counsellor students much easier! 1. Thank you both. This is a gr8 resource for me thank you Counselling tutor keep up the gr8 work. Early on, as soon as Ben discloses his presenting concerns , I let him know that while he is free to make the decisions about his own life, counselling includes referring people to other services if that might be helpful (like to a doctor). I think it helps also to truely imagine myself on the spot in counselling when considering a case scenario … so what is the priority (what can I make sure I accomplish) in the session to meet my obligations and client needs? Confidentiality in counselling creates a space where the client can explore sensitive subjects in the knowledge that the counsellor will not repeat or misuse the information discussed outside of the counselling room. Follow normal procedure of contract, emphasising the limits of confidentiality, and the consequences regarding exceptional circumstances. If a client discloses involvement in, or information about acts of terrorism, the therapist is legally obliged to inform the authorities, and cannot inform the client of their intention to do so. Free Download: Good Confidentiality Habits for Counsellors, We need you to confirm we can send this to you via email, Counselling Theory in Practice – Textbook. This would be an ideal place for Ben and I to talk. Fantastic page, full of information and resource. Both of these are cornerstone concepts in the counseling profession, and at first glance, they seem simple enough. However, school counselors are sometimes obligated to break that confidentiality under circumstances where the law or professional ethics require it. expand the knowledge of others. master’s degree in school counseling. We'll keep your information private and never sell, rent, trade, or share it with any other organisation! Great lectures and information can always help when need be if extra support needed or information. So that a client is able to make informed decisions about what they wish to disclose, it is important that they fully understand and agree to all of the applicable limitations of confidentiality from the outset of their therapy – this is where contracting is paramount. Further, issues of confidentiality and privacy are often confused, and therapists can find themselves unwittingly silenced and compromised through promises they have made in good faith. It is important that both the counsellor and the client are aware of the circumstances where confidentiality may be broken. Confidentiality is a legal construct which prevents the disclosure of the events of therapy. School counselors were most willing to breach confidentiality regarding dilemmas in the domain of dangerous behaviors or situations, less willing in the domain of unlawful behaviors, and least willing in the domain of personal and family information. ACA) and child welfare. As someone who counsels in the USA I find these topics and discussions to be amazing. He is in a stage of ?becoming?. Confidentiality exists in a voluntary counseling relationship so people feel safe in sharing sensitive information and getting the help, support, tools and relief they need. How to Survive counselling training by Rory Lees-Oakes. It is vital to be aware of your organisational policies and to inform clients of all the limitations of confidentiality, as discussed below. Is there is a private area outside in the garden, for example ? In your initial session you learn that he is 16 years old and sought counselling on his own without the knowledge of his parents. However, there are several things first responders should know about confidentiality before starting counseling. Unless there are legal and/or defensible reasons for withholding the information (such as risk to national security, or risk to a child or vulnerable person), clients usually have the right to be informed when confidentiality is going to be broken.  Organisations may have specific policies and procedures on the requirement to break confidentiality, and it is important to familiarise yourself with your organisational policies as well as the ethical framework for your professional body.