But don’t just take my word for it. Those seem to be hardest to find. The recipe above is based on the dish the palace cook used and the long version of it took hours as they were so methodical. Concerned about sourcing ingredients for such an exotic cuisine? I like how the mousse was very light and airy. Amen. Interesting write-up about fish amok as well. Add the curry paste and stir until fragrant. Use an upturned round plate or cake tin to trace a roughly 20-25cm in diametre circle onto a leaf and cut it out with scissors. I posted a roundup of Asian recipes that will remind you of your travels and I featured your Fish Amok recipe. It was a glorious food experience! Not sure where you live- You can order most of them online if you are in the USA (try Amazon) or try your local Whole Foods if you have one. When you’re next in the mood for cooking, please try our recipe for Cambodian Saraman Curry and let us know how it turns out -> https://grantourismotravels.com/2014/11/11/saraman-curry-recipe-how-to-make-cambodian-cari-saramann/, Just so you know that the not all banana leaf can be used for cooking. Beautiful, tasty dish. I’ve noticed all variations–“bastardizations” as you describe, & felt there was probably something different. I didn’t go into detail about the different types of bananas as I assumed that readers in Asia will know which leaves to use and if they don’t grow them they’ll buy them the right ones from the market; readers in Australia will either have them growing in their backyard, as the chek nam va – or ‘Ducasse’ banana, as it’s known in Australia – is grown in the northern half of Australia, and has become one of the most popular types of bananas there; and our North American or European readers will probably cook the amok trei in a ramekin :), Thanks again! This website uses cookies and third party services. How did your fish amok turn out? Tasting new flavors from a new cuisine, from which i have no clue about, was really refreshing! Trey Amok considered to be Cambodia’s national dish is a lovely steamed fish curry that is typically steamed in banana leaf. Serve Cambodian Fish Amok in the traditional way with steamed rice. They are most like hor mok in Thailand, which is very much a street food dish. I had this meal at a dinner party recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. How big of a “piece” of galangal do you recommend? Thanks for sharing your recipe! Khmer Fish Amok is a national dish of Cambodia and well loved by the Cambodian people, also known as the Khmer people. Oh my. I don’t think they get enough use out of the whole tree in Australia. It’s also a steamed dish. It… This amok recipe and detailed post wins the internet!! The people there would truly appreciate it and you will be blown away by the people, the sights like Angkor Wat and the cuisine of course. Historically, in many culinary cultures, not just Cambodia’s ‘palace cuisine’ or ‘royal cuisine’ becomes the cuisine of the aristocrats and elites, as it did here – especially as royals become less significant or less accessible or diminish in numbers and have less impact on cultures. Cook on a low heat until the fish is cooked. Most cookbooks written in the West suggest a firm white fish such as cod or snapper. This Amok powder recipe is an easy and delicious way to enjoy authentic Cambodian cuisine at home! Not a lot of ‘equipment’ is needed to steam something here in this part of the world. And it didn’t originate during the time of the empire either, it’s much older than that. Ingredients like lemongrass, garlic, turmeric, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf, fish sauce, palm sugar and shrimp paste are all very common and they are available now in most supermarkets. In the best restaurants in Siem Reap, as in the rest of south Asia (both east or west), curry is the name of the game. We have been researching Cambodian cuisine and its culinary history since 2013, interviewing old cooks and digging deep into archaeological and historical archives, and this recipe post, which contains original research, was a result of one of our very first in-depth interviews and a couple days observing old cooks. Browse all of our culinary vacations. Makes delicious Cambodian curries and is excellent traditional Amok Fish Curry. Hi Sue. Add half the coconut cream and stir to incorporate the paste. It features in the bas reliefs on the walls at the Angkor temples. I’m Japanese and love all things Asian! Fishing is common on the coastline, and on Tonle Sap Lake and River. Amok is made with filleted freshwater fish, usually catfish or snakehead fish. Try a Chicken Larb from Laos or a Green Papaya Salad from Vietnam. It’s incredibly delicious and very moreish – it’s one of my favourite dishes. This classic Cambodian fish amok recipe for a traditional steamed fish curry is based on the recipe of a respected family of elderly cooks whose mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers made the dish during a time when Cambodian women thought nothing of spending a full day preparing a family feast. Thanks for this most interesting and educational post. Happy cooking! I am so grateful. Thanks for sharing!! Quantity. Loved it and will use it many more times for parties. There is a dish which is part of the royal court cuisine that we think amok trey is based on. An asian or Indian grocery will also sell some of them. … There will also be a very large mortar and pestle in the Cambodian kitchen. Your email address will not be published. What a fabulous new way to eat fish! You can use any firm fleshed fish, or a combination of fish and shellfish; and this is a mild enough curry for the whole family to enjoy. Chef Joannès Rivière of Siem Reap’s Cuisine Wat Damnak restaurant recommends Swiss chard in A Culinary Journey in Cambodia (see link at the end of this post), a cookbook produced by Sala Bai Hotel School. Forgot to rate this great recipe. I recognized Kethana celebrating at a nearby table, & expressed my appreciation. A year and a half ago my family took a side trip to Siem … It is popular in Southeast Asia. Enjoy the sensation of making your own Cambodian fish curry paste. Amok is often thought of these days as the Khmer national dish. Are you living in Cambodia or are you a Cambodian living overseas? Hello Chieko, thanks for the kind words! We’ve established that steaming is essential if you’re going to make this Cambodian fish amok recipe the old way, but there are a few time-saving measures for busy home-cooks and we need to tell you about substitutes. It is also added to … Then add turmeric and shrimp paste and pound again until smooth. First I’ve heard that but that’s great to hear! Thanks for your comment. Chef Kethana at Sugar Palm also makes a heavenly prawn amok. It can be served with our without rice. You’re welcome. Do they just let them drop off and die or do they have a purpose? Amok trey – Cambodian fish amok. And if you ever have the chance of going to Cambodia, jump on it. Fresh ginger – enough for a 2-3 tablespoons. Fish Amok. So, you have to visit to try it. And the inclusion of how to make the banana leaf baskets is superlative!! Steam for 20-30 minutes then check. We’ve watched old women in Battambang and Kethana from Sugar Palm make it many times so we picked up a few tips ;-). That Fall, I serendipitously visited friends in Myanmar & travelled there for a few weeks. Add the onion and stir-fry for 10 minutes until softened. 3-4 stalks lemon grass. Go before that happens. Fish amok is sometimes compared to the Indonesian otak otak, which is actually more similar to the Cambodian street food snack called song vac or sang vak (also written as sangvak – ‘ang’ is pronounced as ‘ong’ in Khmer), a ground fish paste, wrapped in a banana leaf parcel and grilled over charcoal. It is very famous for local people and for foreigners who want to taste Cambodian traditional cuisine. Fish amok is beloved by Cambodians. Manos, the recipe suggests you stir the mixture vigorously. And there is way less commercialization. Read on for some more insights about fabulous Cambodian cuisine and our amok Cambodian ingredients. I love this recipe – so full of flavor and color! Thanks for your comment. T, It’s an Easter Miracle I found you & this recipe! Fish Amok, though not technically, could be considered Cambodia's national dish. Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. The result is pretty darn close to the real thing. In South-East Asia "amok" refers to the process of steam cooking in banana leaves. Unfortunately, it has not been that long since the country escaped the clutches of the. One thing we often get asked about is the colour that an authentic Cambodian fish amok should be. If you happen to have a banana tree in your backyard, pull off a banana leaf or two. Watching the fishermen prepare their boats for their night’s work was fascinating. While the traditional basket steamers aren’t used for fish amok (they’re used for sticky rice), they’ve probably been used for over a thousand years and can be hand-woven in a day. Here are two of them: As for ingredients, do you like Thai food? The fish – usually river fish – is lightly fried before being placed in the banana leaf bowl, drowned in the curry paste and steamed. We are not a family of chefs or anything. Running Amok in Siem Reap: In Search of the Perfect Cambodian Curry. Making this again for my grandparents. Thanks for the recipie. Inspired by ‘Amok’, a Cambodian fish curry, this tangy, aromatic dish combines turmeric, delicate haddock and aromatic lemongrass with creamy coconut. It is true that there is not much known about Cambodian cuisine and authentic Cambodian food recipes but there are reasons for that. They may not be the hippest looking cookbooks but Cambodian cooks believe the most authentic Cambodian recipes are to be found in Narin Seng Jameson’s Cooking the Cambodian Way and Hem Meakphal’s The Book of Khmer Cooking (only available in Cambodia). Beat the eggs into the curry paste mixture. Meanwhile combine the eggs and fish sauce. The cost is prohibitive and it basically disqualifies 99% of Cambodians the opportunity to travel outside their borders. It may not be authentic but it’s incredibly delicious. Add the mixture almost to the top and use a spoon or spatula to flatten out, drizzle a teaspoon of coconut cream and sprinkle some finely sliced kaffir lime leaves on top. I would marinate it for up to a couple of hours max, but not in the baskets, in a non-reactive container and covered with cling wrap. Our old ladies’ amok trei recipe can take several hours if followed closely. Also, it was my first time trying those kind of flavors from the kroeung and it was really an eye opener. Keen to learn more about Cambodian food? lovely pics, makes me want to go back. Do you know if there is a way to make it ahead of time and just steam it there? Learn how your comment data is processed. Will sub maybe fish mint or Chinese broccoli. My aunt lived in the palace for some years. I finally got around to making Cambodian amok curry which I've wanted to do since visiting Cambodia last year. Amok – Baked to perfection in a banana leaf bowl; garnished with coconut cream, fragrance fresh kaffir lime leaves and red Fresno chili. Very interesting recipe and an important one in Cambodian cuisine. To taste chunks of fish only lightly combine, but for a smooth texture, desirable by some cooks, combine well by stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon or spatula. For the amok curry paste, put the lemongrass, garlic, shallots, turmeric, crushed dried chillies, galangal or ginger, kaffir lime leaves, peanuts and 6 tablespoons of the coconut milk into a mini food processor and blend into a very smooth paste. They are available in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Thank you also for sharing with YWF. Our Cambodian fish amok recipe is traditional – an authentic steamed fish curry made to a classic recipe from an older generation of cooks who believe that if it's not properly steamed, it's not amok trei (steamed fish curry). Although, I’ve never been as impressed by the take-away version. In South-East Asian cuisine, ho mok (alternatively, amok, homok, or hor mok) refers to the process of steam cooking a curry in banana leaves, or to the resulting dish. ... Cambodia. If you visit Cambodian restaurants, you may ask for a recommendation from the waitress or waiter. Prepare the yellow kroeung as per the recipe on the link above, and add the red chilli and pound well into the mixture. Cambodia is squeezed in between Thailand and Vietnam so there is a large influence on Cambodian cuisine from both those countries. It is a lovely dish and is rightly the national dish. Hi Manos, re the smooth texture, note that it isn’t completely smooth as there are chunks of fish in there. Sorey Long and Kanika Linden’s Authentic Cambodian Recipes has been the most comprehensive cookbook we’ve used and a great source in many ways, but it has also been adapted so much for its mainly American market that our little old lady cooks here in Cambodia don’t recognise some recipes.